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TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) affects millions of Americans every year! Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the joint that connects your jawbone to your skull. This joint allows you to comfortably move your jaw from side to side and up and down. When the TMD is working correctly, you can yawn, eat and speak without any pain. When this joint isn’t functioning properly, jaw pain and other discomfort can be the result! If you think you may have TMD, call us today to set up a consultation. Your dentist can determine if you have TMD and help you rid your discomfort!

TMD most commonly affects adults 19 and older, although TMD can affect teens and children as well.

Treatment of TMD includes self-care, therapy, medication and devices such as a mouthguard or bite guard. During your visit, your dentist can determine the treatment that is best for you.

Most symptoms include pain and discomfort in the face, mouth, jaw and ears. Other symptoms include difficulty chewing, toothache, joint clicking, joint tenderness, headache, joint locking and muscle spasms.

Many things can cause TMD, but many times TMD is a result of stress, arthritis in the joint, teeth grinding or jaw injury.

The best thing to do is call your dentist! Getting a professional opinion and finding out the best treatment is a great first step. TMD left untreated can lead to much discomfort such as frequent headaches, difficulty chewing and ear pain.


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